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About Helping Others Prosper (H.O.P)

H.O.P was established to assist families with preparing for their future through personalized life insurance and learning to better manage their credit and finances. Through our programs and seminars, you will learn how to create generational wealth for the future. 

The Credit Restoration Process...

In this process, you and your consultant will access all three credit reports and review each individual account. This 90-120 day process will educate you on understanding how your credit affects your everyday life, as well as, prepare you for your future financial goals. Together, we will restore your credit to get you back on a brighter path to lower interest rates and better opportunities in financing your new home or vehicle. 

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Lecture Room

Financial Literacy Workshops

Once per month, a credit building workshop is offered to educate consumers about building a better credit file and maintaining financial freedom. During this workshop you will be able to take a more in depth look at your budget while learning how to cut back and save. You will also learn the importance of understanding credit and how to avoid loan sharks. 

Ever been denied for an auto loan or told you were not ready for that home mortgage? Well, in this workshop, you will become a step closer to your dream while obtaining knowledge for building generational wealth.  

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